News, resources, and commentary regarding everyday interactions with artificial intelligence, robots, vocal social agents, bots, and all things tech. 

Having real conversations about A.I.

Artificial intelligence is generating a lot of talk right now, and discussing A.I. is exactly what we will do here. 

In addition to our conversations about A.I. and numerous other technologies, we also will discuss our interactions with technology. 

One of my frustrations as a researcher is that most people have very few places where they can find easy-to-understand information that can help them make sense of the barrage of news reports about the "A.I. that is taking everyone's job" or "the killer robots that are coming." (Side note: we also will discuss why terms like AI and robot seem to be applied to almost every technology).

And so, I have made the decision to have this be a public space, a place for conversation with the general public as well as my students and other researchers about these issues. 

My scholarly publications can be found under "my research."