Official website of scholar Andrea L. Guzman. Updated information for my research in human-machine communication, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and social agents.

 My first book. 

My first book. 

Humans, Machines, & Me

Two things have not changed about me since I wrote and illustrated my first book at approximately age 6: my artistic talents and my interest in our interactions with technology.

My writing, thankfully, has improved. 

Today I am human-machine communication scholar. In my research I study how people communicate with technology, particularly artificial intelligence. Our interpretations of robots, AI, vocal social agents, social bots, and other devices are built through our conversations with these technologies. Just think how much Siri has taught you about itself (or, should it be, herself? Hmmmm.) 

This is my official website where you can find out more about me as a scholar and my research. My blog offers a place for us to have real conversations about artificial intelligence and other technologies that are increasingly becoming part of our lives.